BalanceGym, a medical exercise device to assist the physically impaired

For people who love to stay fit and in shape, fitness devices are launched every now and then, but very few equipment are launched for people suffering from balance impairments like Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, etc. In an effort to assist such people, Robrady design group under the assistance of orthopedic doctors and physical therapists, created a medical exercise device that could help people suffering from such diseases.

Balance Gym

The device has been termed as BalanceGym and has been created keeping in mind each and every ergonomic need of the patient. The design takes into consideration user’s support and security capabilities and therefore features the handrail that allows hands to rest rather than gripping around along with an easy-to-use foot pedal whose height could be easily adjusted.

The design clearly depicts the hard work of Robrady mechanical team who did not leave any stone unturned to make this device feasible and valuable for impaired people. This sturdy device includes range-of-motion combinations for people of different statures. The tough tubes used in the device are designed aesthetically with angle cuts in order to give it a nice as well as branded look. The use of bold colors, logo design and graphics by Robrady make the presence of BalanceGym recognizable. Though nothing much could be done to cure such mutilations but this machine promises to make the life of patients suffering from such harsh impairments easy and comfortable.

Source: Robrady

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