Balance Ball Chair combines work and fitness

It has become a trend setter for others to follow. The Balance Ball Chair by Gaiam offers you a spectacular combination of exercise, fitness, comfort and ergonomic back support and all this at an affordable price. Just the reasons why it has gained tremendous popularity among customers in a very short time.

The chair developed by chiropractic pioneer Dr. Randy Weinzoff is slowly replacing the conventional office chairs. It has created a revolution of sorts in office and home furniture.

The chair acts as an effective tool for strengthening core muscles and improving spinal cord alignment.

The exercise ball chair set includes a removable 52 cm balance Ball, which cannot be inflated to its full capacity initially, but after some time when the ball becomes more flexible, more air can be added.balance ball chair

The set also includes an adjustable support bar, easy glide casters, an air pump and a desktop guide. It is designed for people with a height between 5′ to 5’11’.

The chair helps you to live a better healthier life even during office hours with the best possible care for your body.


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