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Badboot, the world’s biggest floating open air swimming pool to open in August

Badboot, touted to be the biggest floating open-air swimming pools in the world will be opened in mid-August in Antwerp, Belgium. It has been designed by architects Silvia Mertens and Pieter Peerlings from Sculp(IT) Architecten. The amazing pool will be open throughout the year and the most amazing part being it can be moved to an altogether new site whenever required. The same swimming pool will serve as an ice rink when the outside temperature dips.


Badboot will be large enough to accommodate 600 people at a time and will boast of a total length of 394 feet or 120 meters. The stunning design will comprise of a swim basin, lounge terrace, restaurant, two event venues and several floors, which will invite bathers every summer. During winters, people can enjoy sports activities and barbecues in style. The two event rooms will make it possible to organize events every day, which makes it perfect for various product launches, seminars and even office parties. The restaurant will come complete with a lounge deck that will be run by top chefs, serving delectable meals. There is enough parking space available, which will be able to hold hundreds of vehicles at the same time.

The attention grabbing swimming pool on water will be open every day and all people have to pay is just 4 Euros to enjoy the exhilarating experience. Badboot will let people enjoy swim under the open blue skies, which will be fun and account for a perfect leisure activity. The entire length of the gigantic pool will unfurl a great view over the MAS and the port. It makes sure that visitors get to savor excellent swimming facilities. The vessel will be fashioned out of 100 percent Antwerp steel and will be built as an integrated structure in Netherlands. The luxury project will take care of the environment at the same time and will not cause any kind of damage. It is a great picture of comfort and leisure that has been beautifully gelled with ecology.

Badboot exploits latest technologies present across the globe for a great experience. It will comprise on an on-board reed bed that will purify water inside the pool, which will be beautified with designer lighting and gives a breathtaking view when seen from the restaurant. This will be the first outdoor purification bed that will be actively ventilated. Thermal insulation concept has been used in the vast design that will have a buffering hold under the pool that will put a stop on water evaporating as it stays warm. The well illuminated design used LED lights, which will lend the necessary sparkle while using less energy. Badboot is a large scale luxury project that will definitely attract thousands of people once it is opened.

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