Backpack Bed gets the homeless in Australia going

Backpack Bed

While most innovators across the planet are busy designing the next best-seller, Aussie Tony Clark is hard at work creating something that is a lot more humane. Created for his charity Swags for Homeless, the Backpack Bed is an innovative new integrated tent-mattress system that is helping the 15,000-strong homeless population of Australia fight the desolation of not having a roof over their heads.

The weather-proof, mildew-proof, fire-resistant and lightweight Backpack Bed is constructed out of UltTrex Lite fabric that is wrapped around an insulated 6’ 2” Super long EVA foam mattress with an extendable floor covering protecting the users from cold and wet bare pavements and soil. The ready-to-assemble gear also features an all-weather cover that can be tied up like a tent to provide an outdoor shelter from rain and sun. The swag requires no poles to be set up and can be easy assembled anywhere making it the perfect temporary sleeping space for people who have lost their homes and have no means to put themselves up in better accommodations.

Winner of the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ award at the 2011 Red Dot do which recognizes the most inspiring innovations in product design, the Backpack Bed weighs roughly 8lbs which is almost half of what a canvas-based traditional swag weighs. The acclaimed Australian design is the first created-for-charity design that has ever won this honor and the inspiration behind the thought has also helped it secure a place in museums.

The good thing about the swag is that it can very easily be rolled into the integrated backpack which allows users to carry it around with them and prevent theft. The best feature of the Backpack Bed, however, remains the fact that it gives the homeless the comfort that they require in what we can only imagine would be a very trying way to lead one’s life. The tape-up tent also affords a degree of privacy to its inhabitants and allows them to feel safe even for a little while.

The dignity-tested PVC-free Backpack Bed costs $68 and can be purchased and donated via the Swags for Homeless website that provide the temporary shelter to the homeless across the country.

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