The B1 Outdoor Light for camping as well as interior aesthetics

For the ones looking for lights/lanterns that can be handy while outdoor camping and can be used as attractive interior lights, the B1 Outdoor Light is just the right option. It comes with an in-built charging station, battery and plug. It is actually an LED light that has stackable and portable individual lanterns. One can attach or detach the individual lights as per the use. It acts as a perfect light source when it comes to traveling, camping or outdoor activities.

B1 Outdoor Light

The B1 has foldable legs at the base that can be spread to pin down its stakes to the ground, making it stable and useful even in windy outdoor conditions. The best feature about this device is perhaps its self charging capability. When the battery runs low, the lanterns attach themselves to the charging station at the base of the device, which has additional battery and a plug. Also, it is bestowed with an SOS feature useful in emergency situations.In camping, the device can work as a central light or as a detached lantern, as per the requirement. The strap provided along with the light makes it easy to drop around the neck and carry.

Not only outside, the B1 can act as superb interior light as well, thanks to its smooth, sleek and stylish design that enhances the interiors’ attractiveness. Its presence gets even more useful in situations like power cut. With such a handy design and useful characteristics, the B1 Outdoor Light is not meant for a certain class of people. For the young and old alike, its an immensely valuable device, both outdoor and indoor and certainly an object of envy!

Source: Kylethacker

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