Aventos concept is neo all the way

aventos GH3dR 58

Meet the‘Aventos’ concept vehicle. This one claims to be just perfect for the future, and justifiably so too. Aventos looks the deal and talks the talk as well. It is small, compact and green – the one watchword that might come to define vehicles of tomorrow. Designed as a utility vehicle running on renewable energy, the Aventos can be used for a host of purposes. It is fundamentally designed to transport goods for small and medium enterprises, thus contributing to a decrease in the overall traffic on the streets. It can be used for personal commuting, perhaps even carpooling. Aventos is also aimed to ease the burden of moving from one apartment to another, without calling in the professional transporters. It also comes in with handy modules that may be combined to set up small market stalls. All in all Aventos is a multi-purpose vehicle that seeks to reduce overall carbon footprint by being amazingly practical for all those who own it.

aventos 1 vzL8F 58

aventos 2 NkiiK 58

aventos 3 1tmLa 58

Via: Tuvie

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