Avant-garde wristwatches to keep pace with times

With significant transformation in today’s advanced devices, witnessing distinctive changes in those customary watches should nowhere throw a curve at us. Surprisingly, creative wits and ingenious concepts have commenced surfacing to enhance the common man’s everyday lifestyle. This time, we have a caught a sight of some incredibly advanced wristwatches that prance much ahead of today’s time and incorporate great features to blow one’s mind away. Here are six indeed avant-garde wearable watches to keep pace with times.

HD3 Slyde

For consumers who value technicality and complications imbued in modern timepieces, Jorg Hysek Jr. has designed the truly exquisite HD3 Slyde with a sapphire crystal cover. By eliminating the need for physical buttons, the innovative watch ascertains convenience and features an LED screen that curves easily to conform to your wrist. There are three battery indicator lights located on the side as well.

By taking advantage of the nicely integrated light sensor, users can now automatically adapt their screen’s brightness while taps or slides on the touchscreen enable one to control almost everything. Designed with CLT electronic movement, the HD3 Slyde emerges to be perfect for people seeking extreme technicality in a sleek, polished framework. The watch also stands apart for its black background and blue numerals virtual engine with a black rubber strap. The price for sleek HD3 Slyde is yet to be announced.

Ziiro Watch

A combination of ultra-style, accuracy, and beauty is what describes the Ziiro Watch by Ziiro. With no traditional hands, the watch asks you to follow the circles to know the time. Carved creatively, the bracelet-looking timepiece combines silicone and metal to sport a bold, appealing look. Those who are not comfortable with bracelet-form adopted by their wristwatch may not appreciate. However, the flexible watch sounds idyllic with a unique design, inner swirl that displays the current hour, and the outer swirl that shows the minutes. Ziiro has not revealed this hi-tech watch’s price point yet.

MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch

Completely inspired by aviation, the unbelievably stylish watch lays its foundation around the complex HM4 engine and appears truly different with every component and form holding a technical purpose. There are dual dials, of which one shows time while the other notifies how much power the wearer has left. Perfect for one who admires nothing superfluous, the modern wristwatch features articulated lugs for supreme comfort and a sleek aerodynamic form. There are eye-catchy 50 jewels and 311 components in the engine, black hand-stitched calfskin strap and 5 sapphire crystals to surpass others. A hefty price tag of around $158,000 has been stitched to this horological machine.

Olivier Demangel’s Solaris watch

Quite a great one to up the sophistication factor, the concept watch for Tokyoflash comes equipped with solar cells as the design’s integral part. With a sci-fi look, the watch designed by Olivier Demangel is sure to intrigue many. However, it’s merely a concept for now.

Television remote control wristwatch

People who are inclined more towards devices that render unprecedented convenience may find this techie-looking watch of great use. In addition to displaying the time and date, the innovative piece serves as the ultimate universal remote for users. The bezel of the watch houses six buttons sticking out that control functions like play, rewind and fast-forward for flicks and possibly DVRs. Tagged at $99.95, the watch acts dual by being a stylish watch and a handy remote control.

Tread 1 by Devon

Last but not the least, the super advanced Tread 1 by Devon touts to be a complete reinvention of the humble watch with a patented system. Differentiating this timepiece are the unique Interwoven Time Belts that ensure the device its singularity. The timepiece astounds even more by counting 86,400 seconds per day. Driven by a lithium polymer battery and compact microstep motors for accuracy, the Tread 1 costs around $15,000 to make one see time literally move on the wrist.

The stated cutting-edge wristwatches will entrance people seeking a blend of advanced mechanism and exclusivity. Besides incorporating a slew of magnificent features, they are sure to keep pace with times.

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