Avant garde lattice shaped LED light fixture for trendy spaces

This piece looks like the mesh shaped wooden structure people usually hang on their walls. But it’s neither a wall hanging nor a suspension hook, the natty fixture is actually a light. Bet you wouldn’t have come across a light piece shaped like this one before. The pioneering form of this light piece was possible because of the LEDs used in it.

Francisco Gomez Paz

The great thing with LEDs is that you do not have to limit their form to old age shapes like lamps or pendant lights. These age-old light pieces acquired their standard shapes because an incandescent bulb was slotted inside them. However, if you’re making a light fixture with LEDs, you can get more creative and experiment with uncommon and de novo patterns. Milan based designer Francisco Gomez Paz was doing just this when he came out with this classic pattern.

Breaking free from the standard lines and conventional contours, this light piece, embedded with energy efficient LEDs, has a mesh like inter weaved framework. Undoubtedly, a lot of work went into crafting this innovative design. Hundreds of prototypes were developed over three years by the designer. Additionally, understanding how aluminum can be proportioned into slices was not an easy task. Numerous mathematical algorithms were expounded until the right pattern was finalized.

In this piece, LEDs have been fitted on a single circuit board frame. Its criss-cross scaffold closes shut for storage and can also be opened out wide when you want to display it. The resultant design is space saving and also absolutely alluring. And this is not even the best part. Hollering its ingenuity is the fact that the piece looks nothing like the run of mill light fixtures but more like a decorative add-on placed inside the house.

Via: Fastcodesign

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