AvA 299 DROP with the power of coaxial rotors

ava 299 drop

A helicopter ride sure sends an adrenaline rush and is fun in its own way. Timon Sager has designed a Heliconcept that comes specializes for Heliboarding christened as the AvA 299 DROP. The most important part of a helicopter is its rotors that are wedged on the top. But the rotors of the DROP are special, as they are coaxial. The concentric shafts come with a pair of helicopter rotors that have been placed one above the other.

The rotors spin opposite to each other but their axis of rotation is similar. This not only makes the helicopter efficient but compact as well. On the contrary, the presence of two rotors pulls the height of the helicopter a little. Normally what happens is because of a tail rotor power is wasted that otherwise would have been aptly used to provide lift and thrust.

The presence of a coaxial design ensures that no power is wasted. The same engine when clubbed with a coaxial design injects all the power for a better lift and thrust. The DROP, a Heliboarding concept, will make sure the ride is more efficient and packed with power.

Via: DeakDesign

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