Autonomous multi-utility Tram with green credentials

autonomous tram 2
Alstom, a renowned manufacturer of high-speed trains and Citadis trams, collaborating with Stockholm Local traffic department (SL) has come up with an innovative public transportation called the “Autonomous Tram” for the Stockholm city that not only solve the traffic problems, but also give an altogether new face to the Swedish capital. Brainchild of designer Patrik Petersson, the double-decker tram, featuring a Scandinavian design style (both exterior and interior), can carry about 170 passengers comfortably. Being spacious, the tram also presents a clean, open and user-friendly atmosphere to the commuters. Removing a number of seats from the ground floor, the Tram creates an extra space for wheelchairs, prams and luggage; while on the other hand, the top floor promises a thrilling ride, apart from the lovely view of the celebrated city. Moreover, the Autonomous Tram, reducing the number of on road vehicles, helps in improving the environment of the city.

autonomous tram 1
autonomous tram 3
autonomous tram 4

[Thanks Patrik]

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