Automated kiosks do away with the chore of visiting post offices

The age old and customary system used at the United States Post Service will go through a complete overhaul. Now, every time you want to send out a post, you will not have to go all the way to the post office. An automated and unmanned kiosk will make things really convenient for you. Dubbed as Mailpoint, it will change the face of the conventional postal system. The interface is easy to understand and approachable. It has a stamp dispensing facility and also a parcel storing unit.


Using the device is a cinch. Just select form any one of the multiple options on the touch screen. Enter the weigh and address for the shipment. Then, a box will be dispensed in which you can place the items you want to send out. Place this package inside the mini elevator and press the done button to finish the task. The box is then carried to the storage unit. All posts are collected later by delivery vehicles for distribution.

Don’t worry about the storage getting packed as a multi level basement is used for stockpiling. A mini elevator takes the mails under the ground and the posts are arranged in here by robotic arms. There is also a solar panel outfitted on the top. The device is not only easy to maneuver but also sustainable and saves energy. This system will make things a lot simpler for the current postal system also in which the number of delivery points had multiplied significantly.

Source: Wooyonglee

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