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Unique mugs/cup designs

Cups or mugs are probably the most important item for multipurpose uses that you can ever find. Just consider what your coffee mug or teacup does for you.

It soothes your nerves when needed, it warms you up when cold and nothing comes even close to the amount of gifting purposes you can meet with coffee cups or tea mugs. Choose a unique design or one, which can have something special imprinted on it, and it is probably the best gift you can give to someone special.

Coffee mugs or tea cups are of course one of the best-selling items on any occasions throughout the year, be it Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or even Christmas. In fact, a set of either cups or mugs make a great gift for birthdays and housewarming presents as well.

Seeing the importance and trends in such beautiful mugs and cups, here is a compilation for your next purchase.

2 Carat Cup, Gold Diamond Ring Coffee Mug

Yes folks, why does it always have to be rings in champagne glasses as your proposal for engagement? Do something unique by taking your fiancée out for coffee or make coffee at home and serve it in this. The mug comes in gold glaze and Swarovski crystal, all in a jewelry box.

Truly unique, what say?

Curvaceous Cups

To go with the flow of the proverbial warm up, you can always buy this cup and simply feel sated by wrapping your hands around the interesting shaped cup. Available in both singles and a set, every piece is unique in design and ideal for personal use or as a gift.

Zero Gravity Mug

Looks like the days of spilling hot liquids might actually just be over. After all, with such a mug, you can just carelessly place your full cup and still not get worried about the balance since it balances itself and can be placed at one side.

Face Mug

Ideal choice for them who love to snack and stuff their faces with some wonderful hot beverage and snacks of their choice. Just stack up the empty space shaped like a mouth with the snack of your choice and keep drinking.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

Like computers? Well here is your chance to get something similar even in your set of coffee mugs. The cups, when placed upside down are shaped like the keys of your computer, in black and spell the words clearly. Together with the unique tray, the thing looks like your keyboard as well!


Learn All about the Most Unique Calendar Designs

Calendars are highly essential pieces of stationery, which are required by almost everyone to keep track of days as they pass. With electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers displaying the date too, calendars have lost much of their popularity. However, instead of bland pieces of paper which are simply marked with the current date, if calendars are produced in an interesting manner, you will want to have one in your homes as they will add to the overall décor of your homes. Be sure to choose one that goes with the interior theme as well as reflects your personality.

Google Calendar


As online, paperless media continues its quest to take over the world, calendars too have succumbed to this problem. Traditional calendars made up of paper are being transmuted into applications that can be accessed online. However, Internet giant Google, as usual, has decided to take matters into its hands and has attempted to break the stereotype with its Google Wall Calendar.

A more interactive version of the web application known as Google Calendar which was introduced by the company way back in April of 2006, the Google Wall Calendar happens to be the upgraded 2010 version which was developed by Google Japan. Possessing dimensions of 12 x 8.5 inches, the calendar integrates themes which are associated with the national holidays in Japan in the Google graphic logo for each month. This feature is also a mainstay in Google’s online home website.

Google seems to have come up with a proper paper calendar designed for your walls in 2006. But this was available only in Japan and they are now very difficult to obtain.

Camera Lens Calendar

Sharad Haksar, an Indian artist, came up with the design for the Camera Lens Calendar, the first in the world, so that he could cater to the needs of his international clients. The body of the lens is said to be sculpted directly from a solid chunk of aluminium which can then be assembled in such a way that by placing a series of rings in the proper order, you are able to catch the date, month and year until the year 2032. You can order this wonderful piece of equipment directly from the designer at an affordable cost of $2000.

Pencil Calendar

A unique concept developed by UK-based Mytton Williams Design, this calendar consists of a series of pencils the outer coating of which is overlaid with numbers depicting the first till the end of the month. The pencils are colour-coded not just by date but also according to the temperature.

Bubble Calendar

An instant hit upon its introduction, this calendar covered in bubble wrap is supposed to go ‘pop’ once per day. It is available in four varied languages and bolds the weekends for convenience of reference. The Australian, American, Canadian, British holidays are also present. Users claim that it consists of a heavier sort of bubble wrap which adds more pop when the bubble is burst finally.

The beauty of spiral staircases

Wanting a beautiful home, which is elegant and still has enough space, is not just a luxury that you might want to consider anymore. The new trend is to want all of the above and yet add something, which makes it unique, different, and of course better that the other homes around you.

The Idea to Ponder upon

There are so many ideas that you can exploit if these are actually, what you would want to have. It could be the doorway, the walls, or even the ceilings. It could also be the floor, the architectural expertise in some beautiful archway or even a little something in the way you paint your walls.

Nevertheless, a suggestion would be to invest in a great spiral staircase. Spiral staircases are just so in, in the architectural designs of the present times. Let us take a look at why.

Space Ease and Price

No matter what you would like to have in your home or what you would like to invest in, it is of extreme importance to discuss how much it is going to hurt your pockets. However, folks, I would be happy to report that the basic designs that you get in spiral staircases are both elegant and yes pretty pocket friendly.

As far as ease is concerned, spiral staircases are usually made of stainless steel or some other sturdy material. Of course, that is not to say that a beautiful marble spiral staircase cannot be constructed. In any event, such items are pretty easy to install and of course easy to maintain as well.

In addition, the extra space that you will end up saving will certainly make you come back and thank me later. See, the thing uses much less space than straight staircases and the finish is much sleeker.

Where can it be installed

It depends largely on what kind of space you have. For one, it could be right at the entrance. There could be spiral staircase right before the doorway.

If you are planning to rent your place out, it is always better to keep a separate entrance for your tenants. Therefore, you can just invest in one and be rest assured that they have a separate entrance than yours.

Of course, if the plan of your home permits, you can always keep one right in the middle of your foyer or at one side of the living room, which will enable others to enter the second storey or even better some small area of sitting for special occasions.



Storage platform beds and its Use

Although you may not believe it, there are several benefits of having a small bedroom.  For one, this teaches you to limit your things to a certain level. In addition, they are always easier to clean. A bed though very important does take up a whole lot of space of your personal or shared room.

Most of the times, after setting the bed, there is hardly any more space for compiling any other stuff. You might want to put up a table or a media center, but it is a no go since the space looks simply too cluttered to live in.

Not anymore though folks. The days of living in perpetual cluttered-ness are over ‘cause move over normal beds, here come platform beds.

Getting acquainted with Platform Beds

Platform beds were in a way exclusively designed for rooms of small proportions. The basic idea was to keep a foundation under the bed to keep the mattress supported. Nevertheless, the space was wasted and there is when the idea for storage under the bed was invented.

The storage under platform beds is in fact, at the heart of it, a platform bed combined with your usual chest of drawers. The best part about these drawers is that, they are detachable and yes, you can store as much as stuff as you want.

The invention was of course a boon for people who live in dorms or share their room with others. The best part is that; unlike using beds, which can blend in with the walls or something like that, the beds in question are certainly more affordable than the other ones.

The Designs of such beds

Imagine a boxed bed and you will get the general picture. However, to elaborate it properly, you will have to think of a rectangular bed, which was a chest of drawers beneath it. There are largely two kinds of designs, which make use of this style.

One; a couple of drawers, which can be opened only when you keep the mattress aside, i.e. from the middle of the bed. Side drawers, which can be opened, are also an option when purchasing such a bed.

In any event, combining both is the best that you can hope for. Keep a drawer, which opens, from the side of the bed and one, which opens from the base of your mattress. For the purposes of security, it is advised that you keep a couple of rings, which can be padlocked.

Installing a completely locking mechanism is also fair.

How to Design Your Very Own Rooftop Garden

Rooftop gardens may be purely decorative or cultivated for useful purposes like growing all kinds of fruits, herbs and vegetables. Roof gardens prove to be quite beneficial in providing a beautiful landscape which automatically helps to raise the value of your home. They are effective yet low-maintenance methods for eliminating water run offs.

Green roofing is in many ways like any other home improvement project. You need to come up with a plan, taking into account all the necessary conditions for the structure as well your personal needs and climatic conditions. Begin with the process of structural assessment.

Structural Evaluation

A qualified engineer, skilled in dealing with structures or architecture, should be consulted during this method. You need to know what steps to take to support your roof so that it is able to hold more weight than in the beginning, or how much it can hold at the moment, before you start setting up plants over your present roof or fixing a brand new form of a roof over it. Carrying out a structural assessment helps you with your decision of choosing a particular variety of rooftop garden.

Selection Process

The majority of buildings of a suburban nature are suitable for growing a rooftop garden. The primary reason for this is because of the fact that green roofs meant for residential buildings are usually very light, although nearly each roof that is to be changed into a green one needs to be supported through some means so that it is able to hold the extra bit of weight. When designing your own sprawling rooftop garden, make sure you do it in such a way that it can manage the overall load you wind up proceeding with.

You can also opt for another type of green roof, known as an intensive roof, where an assortment of diverse plant categories with separate planting depths is present. Large scale renovations need to be performed on existing roofs if you wish to develop an intensive roof. So be sure to take all kinds of factors into consideration as you are likely to rack up a huge bill, unless the roof has already been remodeled.

Selecting the type of plants you want to grow in your rooftop garden is fairly easy if you happen to be aware of your climatic zone. Intensive roofing usually suits most plant types due to the benefit of dissimilar planting depths while extensive roofing is more popular with specific kinds of plants like succulents. A landscape architect or your local nursery might be able to provide some valuable advice.

Plant Layout

Coming up with the main landscape plan is really fun. The process will be made easier if you have extensive roofing. Be sure to position your plants in a way that the design does not appear patchy. Alternate between hibernating and blooming plants. Group your plants according to different parameters such as functions, planting depths, properties. Ensure that your rooftop garden looks beautiful but still meets the requirements of each plant.

Unusual chair designs

A room is never complete without a good seating arrangement. Nevertheless, chairs are not something only for use of purposes of sitting. There are so many chairs, which are made of unique designs and of course lend a unique look to the room.

Moreover, it is also worthy to invest in chairs which do not just have a theme but serve purposes better than that. For starters, the shape might just be a therapeutic one, which might just help you with your back pain, or some problem of the spine.

Therefore, take some time out and explore these unique chair designs in order to relax and maybe present it to someone special.

A Chair with a Rug

Yes, you read it right! This unique chair is designed like any other chair but is so colorful and soft and comes with a whole lot of oversized yarn woven over a metallic chair structure. It so happens that you cannot just sit but also spread out your work and a pile of papers and books around you and take the much-needed dip whenever required.

Lathe Chair

This uniquely designed chair started as a project by a student, but once you check the structure shaped like a quarter of a circle, you will admire the design and of course, the hues the chair has been designed in. A must buy!

Him and Her Chairs

Have some fun with guests and a party and while seating them, they will just recognize the pattern in which they belong. It needs just a lot of light, which makes the unique rear end of the back pattern really glow and sets a total theme and tone to the party. Have fun!

Rocking on the Beach

Like the breeze, the beach, the sound of waves and of course the sultry area full of fun. Well, here is a chance to recreate the magic of the beach right in your room with this special design of chairs which will enable you not just to rock and relax but also to think of beaches with the pipe and plastic shape.

Splash Chair

Simply a visual pleasure and yes pleasure for your back and rear end of your back as well. Imagine a drop of water or liquid falling from some platform to a solid one downward and you will just know the kind of design I am talking about. Feel like you will be pulled inside and just simply taken care of!

Add Some Spark to Your Home with 10 Innovative Switches and Sockets Designs

With the advent of technology, it seems as if the number of electronics present in the homes of people has witnessed a considerable increase, which has directly resulted in more sockets, switches and electronic outlets for plugging them in. Most manufacturers do not deem it necessary enough to pay attention to the designs of these electrical components but there are a few companies which have realized the untapped potential this market holds and have decided to cash in on it by producing innovative and trendy switches that not only help you to power up the various electronic gadgets in your home but also keep the wire mess under control, save energy and hold more crowded plugs.

The Show-Off Strip

The wireless look is preferred by many since handling power cords is quite difficult, especially for people with kids. But managing wires is no big deal with the Power Bridge. Its stylish design does away with the need to conceal wires so that the room appears tidy and safe. The plug-slots in this durable strip are located beneath the bridge for improved plug management. Each plug outlet contains an indicative light that demonstrates the total power being consumed by that specific gadget.

Donut Power Strip

Designed by Ramei Kuem, the Donut Power Strip provides a convenient solution to the problem posed by several of the power strips nowadays, specifically the inability to hold the large power bricks that are present in a number of electric appliances. Each outlet is able to spin within its socket to achieve the best fit. The unique shape is also helpful for keeping cabling systematized.

Hang On Outlet

It is basically a power outlet equipped with a bit of extra lip to support your loose plugs, allowing you to keep your power management spick and span.

Smile Switches

These innovative switches use the power of emotional demonstration to remind and alert you to switch off the lights

Wind Up Socket

The Wind Up Socket is absolutely ideal for kids. It has a timer connected to it which severs the electric supply to the socket after the adjusted duration is up.

Rozektus Three Dee Power Socket

The Rozektus has the ability to lie flat against the surface of the wall unless more than a single plug is required.

ON Switch

The ON switch, conceived by Russian designer Burakov Denis, is able to remind people that the light switch at home has not yet been turned off with the help of the word “ON” written in big bold letters.

Belkin Time Outlet

A sectioned, stackable surge protector separated into four quadrants, each division of the Belkin Time Outlet indicates a time of the day. As soon as that time gets over, power is severed from that quadrant and turns on in the following one.

Floor Plan Light Switch

It can be challenging to remember which is which in a panel full of light switches. But the switches in the Floor Plan Light Switch are customized as per the floor plan of the room and function likewise.

Socket Like Brick

Socket Like Brick provides you the option to organize and put together a modular multi-tap according to your requirements. You need to lengthen or remove modules carefully and easily contain the various plug sizes.