Aurora Island meets specific cooking needs of Indian cuisine

aurora isand

Designer: Scott Collins.

The Aurora cooking center has been developed for the specific cooking needs of Indian cuisine. It houses an indoor version of a traditional Tandoor, which can be exposed by pulling back the end countertop. The spice rack mounted at the side offers refrigerated storage, so that the spices retain their freshness for a longer period. When a secondary handle on the sliding countertop of the Aurora Island is pulled, you see a grill. Since the vent placement is quite close to the cooking surface, you can use this grill the way you use an outdoor grill. The built-in shelves take care of storage for utensils and other dry food items. The two top-mounted control panels offer the users ease of control from all angles. A large temperature display helps you to cook the meals at the right temperatures. Moreover, the touchscreen controls allow easy navigation. For me, the inclusion of Tandoori is the most interesting part of the design.

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Thanks, Scott Collins

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