Augmented Contact Lens embeds AR technology straight into the eye


Shifting the augmented reality application from mobile phones or other interactive devices to the human body, Professor Babak Amir Parviz and his students from the University of Washington have developed an augmented contact lens that embeds AR technology straight into your eye. Employing sensors and wireless technology to allow bionic eyesight, the next-gen contact lens is build with very small circuits and LEDs, allowing the user to monitor his or her heart. Using an external device for controls and processing, the augmented contact lenses would bring about a revolution in both medical science as well as the entertainment industry. Just go through the quote to understand the formation and working of the revolutionary contact lens after the jump.

In this lens concept, an antenna at the periphery collects incoming RF energy from a separate portable transmitter. Power-conversion circuitry provides DC power to other parts of the system and sends instructions to the display control circuit. The display, at the center, might consist of LEDs, which would turn on and off, or LCD-like elements, whose transparency would be modulated by the control circuit. An energy-storage module, perhaps a large capacitor, is connected to a solar cell, which could provide a boost to the lens. A biosensor samples the surface of the cornea, performs an analysis, and provides data to the telecommunication module to transmit to an external computer.


Via: Justgetthere/Designboom

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