AudioSense, an acoustic product for people with hearing loss

Music is enchanting, but people suffering hearing loss cannot savor the magic that comes tagged with it. Bringing the same experience in lives of such people is designer Julia Stuxgren with AudioSense. The amazing product can be used by people with normal hearing as well.


AudioSense will rev up the experience of enjoying music as it will help connect sound with warmth, visual stimuli and vibrations. Normally, people with hearing loss tend to listen to music at a high volume which can prove to be of great disturbance for other family members as well as neighbors. Moreover, the music listening experience if incomplete as a person may not be able to register all the tunes. A person can face the same problem even while using a headphone. The only solution is to combine a headphone with a hearing aid, which has been very well done in the case of AudioSense.

The design is hollow, which will let people with hearing difficulty to use a headphone while wearing a hearing aid. It has been made sure that the sound does not escape the device, which has been achieved through direct sound technology. AudioSense comes complete with a backpack that will make the listening experience complete as it is based on heating coils and vibrating motors. The backpack will swap the music into vibrations as well as temperature shifting. The straps of the backpack come embedded with heating coils that raise and drop the temperature according to the intensity of music.

AudioSense is surely unique and will enrich life of people with hearing loss, making sure they don’t remain deprived of such a beautiful experience.

Via: UID Projects

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