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audioJar gives a steampunkish look to homemade Fab Speakers

Made using the Fab Speakers design by David Mellis (that was offered by the designer as an open source project), the audioJar portable speakers by Sarah Pease are a rather unique set that allow craftsy folks to reuse glass jars in the most innovative way possible. The designer has not specified whether the glass actually has any adverse effect on the quality of the sound, but let’s face it, when you have a set of speakers that look as good, would you really care if they didn’t really deliver the same quality of sound as your more expensive units?

Audio Jar

The portable speakers used in the audioJar can be easily compiled at home using a few simple and freely available bits of hardware, electronics, and veneer, fabric and laser cut wood pieces. The speakers themselves work with most iPhone and iPod models as well as laptops since they are fitted with a standard audio output jack. The speakers are powered by three AAA batteries and thus can be used without a mess of wires.

The jars can be fitted with alternating feet and the customization possibilities for the jars range from colored LED lights, glass paint, stickers and even planters if you are the adventurous kinds. To give the speakers a more steampunky look, you can always fit them with brass tops and decorate them with metallic brass glass paint doodles!

Source: Sarah Pease

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  • gareth

    I am somewhat of an audiophile and I find these audio jars to be interesting. But in order to hear them I will have to build a set which will be no problem accept that I can’t figure out what type of speaker drivers were used.

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