Audio Faucet overcomplicates the bathroom sink faucet

If you thought stand up comedians experiencing writers’ block were the only people who were obsessed with things found in a bathroom, you might want to try conversing with a sanitary ware designer. Not only have big sanitary ware brands invested gazillions of dollars into coming up with “new and improved” designs to make the plain of bathroom sink faucet more interesting (and thus expensive) for users, they also seem to be trying their level best to complicate the usage of a sink faucet for the average person.

Audio Faucet

In an attempt to make using a bathroom sink more interactive and interesting to users (who might only spend less than 5 minutes a day interacting with a bathroom sink faucet), sanitary ware giant’s Kohler asked designer Tim Wymore Byrne of Western Design Team to create a faucet that would remind people of the days when record players were in vogue.

The design mimics the action of pulling the needle of a record player onto the record to play music and makes the rotatable tap and the flick up faucet look a whole lot simpler and desirable. Dubbed the Audio Faucet, the design comes with many unexplainable elements like the over thought hot and cold water taps heads and the elongated faucet pipe that could splash water all over the bathroom floor that can cause people to slip, fall, break their necks and die.

Via: TimWymoreByrne

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