Audi Shark gives a glimpse of a thrilling aerial ride

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Winner of the Desire Design Competition, launched by Italian Domus Academy last year, the Audi Shark by designer Kazim Doku is an awe-inspiring futuristic flying vehicle that if it makes it into production will take the auto industry to new heights. Inspired by the streamlined design of motorcycles and airplanes, the concept vehicle reinterpreting the Audi’s design language promises to offer “strong sensations and high levels of safety” to commuters. The Audi Shark comes with sporty seats integrated in the cockpit structure, while the lights (both headlights and the taillights) are finished with transparent tubes that incorporate LED units. The very structure, exterior as well as interior, of the two-seater simply gives the glimpse of a thrilling ride. Check out the video after the jump.

audi shark concept 1 CfCxS 17621
audi shark concept 2 7Egzr 17621
audi shark concept 3 EsxUF 17621
audi shark concept 5 faToT 17621

Via: Carbody Design

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