Atmospheric Water Collector can extract water from air moisture

Water scarcity has been named one of the biggest environmental challenges that stand before us today and studies show that potable freshwater supplies could cease down to dangerously low levels within the next few decades. To ensure that the increasing population of the world has an alternate supply of drinkable water, designer Thomas Row has created the Atmospheric Water Collector which draws on the biomechanical structure of the Namibian Desert Beetle that deals with hydrophilic and hydrophobic extremes via tiny bumps on its back that collect water from air. The Atmospheric Water Collector has been designed to fit easily on common plastic bottles and obtain drinkable water from the air.

Atmospheric Water Collector

The water collection device is completely portable and explores the possibility of creating a system that could harvest enough water from the humidity present in the air around us to provide sufficient drinking water supply for a single human being’s use for a single day. The initial testing of the product done with the use of common household products did not return the kind of results that the designer was hoping for though the model could very well serve as a viable option when refined further with industrial components.

Atmospheric Water Collector

The Atmospheric Water Collector would be equipped with a system that would continue to harvest drinking water from the atmosphere by condensing the humidity in the air and in case the humidity in the air is insufficient to produce viable amounts of water, the device would also come fitted with a warning system that would inform users to locate alternate sources of water.

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  1. Drinking water scarcity is a major problem specially for the peoples living along the coastal areas. Therefore, this type of bottle is a big invention. Have anyone prepared it and how the experience remained.?

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