Atan by Anton Kozhevnikov is a lamp in new Avatar

atan lamp 1

Inspired by the “Avatar,” a recent Hollywood blockbuster by James Cameron, Russian designer Anton Kozhevnikov has come up with a lamp concept that presents a modular design with one or three fixtures. Dubbed the “Atan,” the modular lamp features a heavy base to ensure stability, where you may also plug an empty socket to add another module for bigger or brighter illumination. The Atan integrating the plugs with ledges, which snap into the matching holes within the sockets, create a solid connection. You may release the plugs by simultaneously pressing two buttons on their sides with ease. The Atan lamp features the fixtures formed by wrapping a LED light set along a twisted wire, which you may attach to the lamp’s arm with the bendable necks, allowing a great flexibility to the users.

atan lamp concept 01
atan lamp concept 02
atan lamp concept 03
atan lamp concept 04
atan lamp concept 05
atan lamp

[Cheers Anton]

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