Asteroid table-shelf takes multi-functionality to the next level

The Asteroid Table-Shelf by architect Vladimir Paripovic of design studio Parchitects is a fantastic new design that will change everything you know about multifunctional furniture. The unusual design of the Asteroid allows it to be used as a table and a shelving unit as well as table and bench combo. Intended for spaces like neglected corners in large rooms or backyards and decks, the Asteroid is a statement piece and a standalone work of art in itself. The table-shelf/bench has been designed in a way that allows users to put it up in various orientations to change its usage for every person.

ASTEROID table-shelf

While a small child can use this as a reading table and seat, an older person can use this as a multi-level shelf for holding planters and flower pots. The design is not intended to be very space-saving and the Asteroid does not make pretences to that end. With an attention-grabbing angular design, the table-shelf unit almost appears to be a clearing space for itself and thus serves as a minimalistic d├ęcor piece with its provocative shape.

Designed as a multifunctional piece of furniture, the Asteroid originated with the deconstruction of the form of cubes with vertical displacement of their edges allowing the design to take its ultimate shape. With a clean and clear form, the table-shelf provides storage on three planes. The Asteroid was crafted using eco-friendly techniques and materials and uses sustainable and more durable materials in its construction with sustainable plywood painted and natural beech wood being used to fashion the piece.

Source: Vladimir Paripovic

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