Assistive gadgets for the elderly

Getting older is a part of life. No matter how much we try to avoid it, we cannot step back from it. The feeling of being young in spite of the physical age is what the gadget world is going to show to the people. With these gadgets, one can feel live and young all over again. One can keep running like a child or even keep track of time. Life cannot get easier than this for a grandparent. Although, dealing with arthritis, sore feet, bad knees and other factors keep slowing people down but fortunately with these gadgets being available, one can achieve the same productivity by working like a normal person. It’s time to help out the mothers, fathers and the grandparents by getting them these following items:

WayBack: A gadget for controlling short term memory

One doesn’t need to have a particular disease like Alzheimer’s to get this gadget. Forgetting things in a jiffy is a common problem these days amongst the crowd. WayBack is here to tackle this challenge in a healthy manner. This GPS system will help people who are on the go. It can serve a great deal for mothers or grandmothers or fathers who forget their parking or where they were shopping.

Price: ranges from $52.53 to $55.08

Electric Can Opener: For arthritic patients

Hurry up before our grandmothers twist their hands using the hand-twist opener to open cans. Get them the world’s best electric can opener. The best part is that the cans never dropped after being opened by this can opener. It even leaves the edges smooth and clean without leaving a scratch and at the same time saves the fingers from getting hurt. It has been tested on various shapes and sizes. Replace the kitchenware with gadgets like these!

Price: $25 (Kenwood’s)

DirectTalk Personal Amplifier: Hearing never been easy

Think of the times when grandparents were unable to hear life’s most precious sounds. That issue ain’t a challenge anymore as hearing impairment has gone for a toss with this new amplifier called DirectTalk. One can focus speaking on the mics by just adjusting the body without any extra effort. One can be as casual as one wants without even pretending that one is using this gadget. It enhances communication personally and also can be used in cellphones, MP3 systems, televisions and more. Another feature that’s included in this gadget is the tone enhancement which accentuates any dull speech frequencies and gains control over the user whenever one is blasted with environmental sounds.

Back Brace: The Perfect Fit

Now, there’s a gadget to provide perfect support to the torso and back. This helps in maintaining a proper compression on the lower part of the vertebrae. The Perfect Fit Back Brace helps in giving relief from back aches and improves a lot of spinal stability. This gadget also improves the body posture in helping by standing and sitting straight. It can be easily adjustable from the front of the brace because of its flexibility and thin nature.

Price: $21.89

Cell Phone Back-Up: Secured Instantly

Since, cellphone has become an essential part of people’s lives, one feels handicapped without it or its resources. There’s no need to panic anymore if the cells go off or gets lost. With this new Back Up gadget, one can store all the cellphone data in one confined place. This will reduce all worries in case the cellphone becomes handicapped. It is easily transferable onto sim cards. It holds 1000 numbers and has an 8-language display. It’s even password protected.

Price: $35 (cable required)

These gadgets are a must for the elder generation as one will never feel lost because electronics is tracking every move in life.

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