Self Assembly Line is a large scale version of a self assembly virus module

Arthur Olson and Skylar Tibbits have come up with a self assembly virus module, which will leave people in a state of awe. Christened the Self Assembly Line, the staggering installation will be put on show at Long Beach, California, as a part of the TED Conference that will be held this year. The structure will be performative as well as user interactive, making it all the more appealing.

Skylar Tibbits

The attention grabbing installation that further builds installations will involve people actively in the whole assembly process. This will be made possible as people will be given the flexibility to rotate these enclosures and can do so at various speeds as well as directions. This will in turn affect the presentation of the self assembly at a macro-scale. When the enclosure is turned, a separate set of unit geometries or modules get activated by means of stochastic rotation that takes place in a large container. Such a non deterministic movement triggers the interaction between various units in turn.

A large structure will crop up when with the course of time more units come in contact, reconnect and break away. A lot of large structures can be attained when unit geometries of varied sets are added. The units will auto align and come in contact with each other, thanks to the attraction method and unit geometry. The desired configuration can be achieved by merely altering the number of units used, their geometry, their attraction with one another and prevalent outside conditions. The above mentioned approach can be easily implemented architecturally for constructing buildings, furniture as well as infrastructure as against the self assembly techniques.

Via: Arcdaily

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