Asap Water Rescue Craft makes lifeguard’s life easier

For charity-funded lifeguard stations, rescue and patrol vehicles like 2-stroke petrol jet skis are longer be a financially viable option with rising fuel prices. In such a scenario, a jet ski that can be charged using solar energy and present itself as a sustainable alternative gains prominence in terms of viability. Powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, the Asap Water Rescue Craft came into being from the designer’s personal experiences in lifesaving training.


By precisely calculating the amount of energy required to tow a body in water and the kind of difficulties that the task requires, the Asap Water Rescue Craft allows rescuers to carry conscious and unconscious people thanks to the existing paddle boards that are integrated within the innovative product. Since most lifeguards are often under-trained or do not possess the physical strength and necessary set of skills to perform in every kind of emergency, and most lifesaving buoyancy aids currently in use across the coasts of the world are outdated, a product like Asap Water Rescue Craft become the perfect tool to help lifesavers swimmers and people enjoying the beach more optimally.

During a beach rescue, the Asap Water Rescue Craft can help lifeguards conserve their energy for important emergency procedures like CPR after the person in trouble has been brought out of the water. Also helping to reduce the time it takes for a life guard to get to the drowning person, the Asap Water Rescue Craft allows unconscious survivors to be placed on top immediately and held with their head tilted back to help lifeguards monitor their vital stats and breathing.

The craft can be operated from any holding position via a two finger remote throttle that allows the lifeguard to hold onto the survivor with one hand if necessary while driving the craft towards a primary power rescue vehicle or towards the coast. The design is meant to serve as an alternative floatation aid and the motor assisted craft can be launched immediately by one person which makes it more efficient as a rescue vehicle than a jet ski.

Creating with inputs from international competitive sport lifesavers and experts from the RNLI, the Asap Water Rescue Craft comes with sound research and extensive analysis of existing rescue equipment and the concept has undergone rigorous tests to prove its efficiency and effectiveness. Though the Asap Water Rescue Craft currently exists only as a fully functional fiberglass prototype, its maker assures investors and potential buyers that the product would be sold for half the price of a jet ski upon official launch.

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