Artistic room divider is about the light phenomenon!

room divider ZohOF 48

There are times when we wish we could have a little more privacy in our not-so-spacious apartments and room dividers are one of the best options available. Characterized by a clear and pleasing appearance, this artistic room divider by Sang Hoon Kim is all about the light phenomenon. Light is always moving and it has characters of the reflection, refraction and shadow that leaves behind a fantastic impression. You will see a variety of shapes and impressions when you move or work around this work of art. Also, this room divider has a very unique curved shape, so people can recline on it too. This is a prototype scale model and the designer is planning to make the real one very soon. It was conceptualized as part of the designer’s “Light Movement” projects at Cranbrook Academy of Art.

roomdivider 2 4h3cO 48

Usability: This room divider is related with the concept of the light movement and it adds to the mood and d├ęcor of your living room with varied shapes and impressions.

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Designer: Sang Hoon Kim from Bloomfield hills, MI, specializes in industrial design, interior design and exhibition design.

Thanks: Sang Hoon Kim

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