Eight artistic products made using egg cartons

Products made using egg cartons

Everyone knows that eggs are very beneficial for health. But, only a few people are aware about the benefits of egg cartons. The egg cartons can be made useful for satisfying various purposes. Apart from being used as decorative wall hangings, the egg cartons can be utilized to construct tables, lamps, cameras and even a complete home. Let’s take a look at the various arrangements of egg cartons which provide valuable artistic products for us

1. Egg Carton Table:

Egg Carton Table

It is a three leg table made of egg cartons, soil, flour paste and seeds. The construction might look a bit unbalanced because of the three leg construction, but actually it is strong enough to withstand weights of medium light objects.

2. Trash me lamp:

Trash Me

This lamp employs use of 4 egg cartons. The cartons are mixed with water and then finally poured over a mould. After several days, the mixture dries up and acquires the desired shape. The dried sections are then coupled together using aluminum screws. It is a complete example of innovation and eco-friendliness.

3. Eggo home:

Eggo Home Made Out of Recycled Egg Cartons

The egg cartons can be utilized to make a beautiful house as well. For this, the cartons are colored using different colors and finally stacked together to construct a complete home. The base of this carton home is provided by a simple wooden frame structure. This house might not be the strongest but it looks so attractive because of the multicolor appearance.

4. Mona Lisa Made from egg cartons:

Mona Lisa Made from egg cartons

This is a creative piece of art made using egg cartons. This Mona Lisa painting is made using cut out egg cartons. The pieces were assembled first, then the figure drawn with a pencil and finally paint was applied to give the final finishing touch.

5. Egg Carton Lamp:

Egg Carton Lamp

This lamp is formed using 30 pack egg crates. The crates are arranged around an electric light bulb, using adhesives and supporting materials. It gives a soft and warm glow on being lighted. The lamp design looks unique and eye catching.

6. Fairy Flower Lights:

Fairy Flower Lights

This product is a splendid piece of art and innovation. The lights look so adorable, that you can’t resist their presence. You just have to follow a few simple steps. Accumulate egg cartons and cut out the cones from the egg cartons with the help of a strong scissor. Then trim the cone edges with a short scissor in the form of flower petals. Make a small slit at the opening of each cone, to facilitate entry of a LED bulb wire. Introduce 1 LED bulb into each flower and let the wire pass through the slit. Connect the arrangement to an electric supply and see the wonderful flower lights glow.

7. Good Egg Footstool:

Good Egg Footstool

This versatile footstool is made using egg cartons and then colored with aqua based fabric dye. It can be used for various purposes. It can provide relaxing motion to feet and can even serve as a strong base for a coffee table. It weighs 12 pounds and is available in four different color options.

8. Egg Carton Camera:

Egg Carton Camera

You can construct a toy camera using egg cartons. The top portion of a wide mouth bottle can be used as the lens of this funny camera. It’s great fun clicking with this innovative egg carton camera.

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