Arrange your own seating with Sofa Alternativo

sofa alternativo 01

Placing large conventional furniture in modern city apartments getting smaller by the day is neither rational nor feasible, for they not only occupies too much of space but also burns a big hole in your pocket. Created by Costa Rican designer Fon Herrera, the “Sofa Alternativo” (meaning Alternative Sofa in English) is a modular unit that the user can alter or arrange according to their seating requirements. Easy to assemble and collapse, the contemporary sofa comprises a number of modules with built-in magnets that keeps the unit intact. And when not in use, you can stack the modules one upon the other for easy storage.

sofa alternativo
sofa alternativo 02
sofa alternativo 04
sofa alternativo 05
sofa alternativo 06
sofa alternativo 03

[Cheers Fon]

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