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The ‘Ark’itecture to save lives… Fending off waves of life erosion…

Evading nature’s fury is impracticable. Every spot and shelter on the globe, however formidable it may be, lies under nature’s azure roof. Fleeing from manmade roofs is no escape from calamities such as earthquakes, wildfires, volcanoes, floods, tsunamis. The catastrophic events will always remain a powerful force to fight against with and saving life in such events will always remain the first priority. Working for the same cause is Moatasem Esmat of the Helwan University who has undertaken a project named as the Vth Ark to reduce casualties during natural calamities.

Emergency Ark

To fight against tsunamis certain things need to be kept in mind for example tsunamis come not only loaded with waves but also the debris and more they travel more powerful they become. Therefore, the material to be used for constructing the ark should be robust enough to withstand waves as well as debris.

The ark works in two ways, one is by offering a robust stand on which it is placed, which acts as a higher ground surface to protect you against minor floods and other is the floating shelter form that it takes to protect you against major wrath. When up on its stand, the Ark allows water to flow through it thus reducing the flow’s strength and while working as a floating refuge, it is tied to the land with adaptive chains to direct when floating with high waves. There is a provision for food storage as well as safety equipments within the Ark along with a first aid room. The whole setup is bordered with the LED lights that work as a rescue signal in case it gets masked under ruins or is swept away with high tides.

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