Argos Micro Car: Save space and bring down polllution levels

argos micro car

Small cars will grace the roads in coming times, seeing how important it is to save space in order to kill all the chaos and traffic. Christopher Souto has designed a car, christened Argos Micro Car for modern times. As the name suggests the coupe is compact and has been given cute features.

Urban areas come congested with traffic hence, the need of a vehicle increases manifolds which will not consume much space when out on the road. Argos is a single seater commuter vehicle for personal use. There are many people who travel alone but ride in a coupe that is meant for four people. This not only consumes for area but also wastes a lot other useful resources like fuel. Big coupes are a menace when it comes to parking and also get stuck in traffic jams as compared to smaller vehicles.

argos micro car 01

Argos Micro Car with such qualities will save the already deteriorating environment to some extent by cutting down on pollution levels as well. The car has been given round features and vows to give all the comfort like a normal coupe. So, if you are also one amongst millions who travel alone everyday then Argos Car is a perfect choice for you to save space and become environment friendly as well.

Via: chrissoutodesign

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