Arcus Pilates proves to be a source of healthy exercise for wheel chair users


The Concept:

Sitting in a wheel chair can be highly frustrating for people who are ridden to them. Of course, the options remain few when you are troubled by back, shoulder and neck pains. But thanks to the Arcus Pilates, these pains can be a thing of the past.

Designed by Brazilian designer Giorgia Roepke, along with students Vanessa Spanholi and Fernanda Gomes Faust, the designer wheelchair has been primarily made to help people move more easily from one place to another. Aiming at the part of population who are stuck to the wheeled chairs, Arcus would give them some kind of movement and exercise, cheering them a bit more.

Being dependent on someone else for movement can be an area of contention, but the Arucs Pilates helps people move on their own, and exercise their muscles in the bargain. Boasting of a simple, elegant and a pleasing design, the product has been created in a very user friendly manner and shall prove to be a great asset for the user.

The Target:

Using the Pilates exercises as their cue, and incorporating the same into their concept, the product has been designed to provide maximum exercise to the people on the wheelchairs. Not only does it provide maximum utility to the users, it helps them get rid of their muscular pains and lead a healthy life, full of happiness and joy.

The Need:

Not only will Arcus Pilates provide a lot of exercise to the wheel chair ridden people, it would help in other ways as well.

The person can benefit by exercising in an indirect manner with this product, thereby, inducing good blood flow into the body. The blood flow would bring about a healthy glow to the person’s face and of course have them feel much better and energetic at the same time. You can even end up losing a lot of weight with aerobic exercises which you can do while you’re on this chair. Depression is a thing of the past. Open your self to enjoy every moment of your life with this new Arcus Pilates chair and see the difference.

The Solution:

Having a resin finish to it, the various springs of Pilates are brought into use for exercising purposes. As the springs work, they make various joints and muscles get the much required exercise. Not only is it a great way to exercise and keep fit, it is also a great way to do it in a trendy way. This contraption is ideal for residential as well as clinical places.

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