Aquabeat MP3 player rains music underwater

water proof mp3 player 5

The “Aquabeat” from Speedo, one of the leading manufacturers of swimwear and accessories, is a waterproof MP3 player that rains music three meters under the water, so you could enjoy both swimming and music at the same time. Attaching neatly to all kinds of sports gear, together with goggles, swimwear, wetsuits and snowsuits, the submersible MP3 weighs just 35g and floats in the water to avoid accidental loss. Available in 1GB or 2GB flash memory, capable of storing up to 500 or 800 songs correspondingly, the Aquabeat uploads songs via USB cable in both MP3 and WMA format. Powered by USB or wall and car charger, the waterproof player allows eight hours of playback. Priced at $199, the 1GB player can be had in black, pink or lime green colors, while the 2GB is available in sedate gray only.

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Via: Gizmag

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