Aqua Station Shower and Drying Unit helps the elderly and obese maintain hygiene

Aimed specifically at the elderly and obese, the new Aqua Station shower unit by designer David John is designed to be as ergonomically and anthropometrically friendly as possible for folks aged 65 and above or those with severe obesity related mobility issues. The shower unit allows this part of the population to be as independent as possible and helps them clean themselves and maintain their hygiene without having to hire a healthcare worker or having their existing showers modified for the purpose.

The Aqua Station

The Aqua Station is designed to be able to fit into existing UK-spec bathroom, which makes it easy to install and use and the user doesn’t even need to spend on having their bathroom renovated completely. The unit has two chambers that are used for different purposes. The chamber on the left hand side of the shower is used specifically for the washing whereas the second chamber on the right hand side is fashioned specifically for aiding the users’ drying.

A sliding door allows users to get in and out with ease. Once inside, the user can turn the Aqua Station washers on by pressing the green “on” button. The “plus” mark increases the water temperature and the “minus” mark decreases it. The user can also adjust the height of the washer bar by holding the “on” button down for three seconds and using the “plus” or “minus” buttons to vertically adjust height of the washer bar.

The aqua station washer bars move vertically up and down to clean the user from two sides so that they don’t have to move around in the shower or use a handheld shower. The drying chamber also has similar movable bars that help the user dry off without a towel.

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