Seven Apple tablet concepts we wish to be real

Mactab Concept

Apple never disappoints its users and is always ready with some cool and unique features that make people go crazy. The tablets by Apple are so famous that there comes nothing to our mind other than Apple when there is a talk about tablets. These tablets are awesome in terms of both style and features. Apple is known for its stunning designs and ultra-slim products and these tablets are the best example of the same features. These are so lightweight that you will find it very easy to carry around. With the popularity of these tablets, the company has planned to launch the next generation ultra cool and super fast tablets that will completely change the world of tablets. These tablets are expected to have the ultimate technology and drive us all crazy. These next generation tablets are still a concept and we wish to see them soon in our hands and until then let’s just hope they make their way to the real world soon. Here is a list of seven Apple tablet concepts we wish to be real. Have a look!

1. Apple MacBook Touch Concept

Apple MacBook Touch Concept

The Macbook touch concept is what the world is desperately waiting for. After the huge success of the Macbook, this is the next big step taken by the company to completely change the world of tablets. This concept is designed by Tommaso Gecchelin. The core of this ultra compact and awesome concept is the iSpine. It lets the book avoid excess compression and gives it a boost in terms of durability. It has become a dream gadget for many of us and we wish this concept becomes a reality soon.

2. Vern Hart iPhone Tablet Concept

Vern Hart iPhone Tablet Concept

The Vern Hart iPhone Tablet concept is the talk of the town and is believed to be the best concept tablet ever. It’s something like an iPad with the next generation technology. The 10″ screen will make you go all crazy and the HD screen display is what will take this tablet to a whole new level. The designer’s creativity is remarkable in contributing to such an awesome design. Let’s just hope to see it soon in market. This tablet is remarkably thin and will take your complete tablet experience to a whole new level.

3. Mactab Concept

Mactab Concept

The Mactab is what defines the best combination of style and comfort with a touch of ultra-cool luxurious elements. The awesome design is what is making big news and it actually should be. This Mactab is really thin and that is what Apple is known for. The Mactab will also be provided with a stylus to make most of your job easy and is provided with an ultra cool protective screen. At the back of the Mactab, a small hinge is provided that allows the Mactab to rest in a vertical direction. The Mactab is given the best ever looks to a tablet and looks a complete masterpiece. It has become a dream gadget of many of us already, and we wish this concept is brought into reality and we get to see this for real in our hands soon.

4. Jesus Diaz Apple iTablet Concept

Jesus Diaz Apple iTablet Concept

The Apple iTablet concept by Jesus Diaz is completely a masterpiece. The designer tried transforming all the latest and the best in class technology into an ultra-thin and compact gadget which he called an iTablet. This iTablet looks a bit similar to the traditional iPhone but has a really big touch screen and all new-age features with a touch of style and luxury. This gadget will give your hands ultimate feeling of having the best device ever made. There is nothing that can match this elegant and glossy iTablet. But it is still a concept and we hope to see it soon in the market.

5. Adam Benton Mac iTablet Concept

Adam Benton Mac iTablet Concept

Another cool iTablet concept by designer Adam Benton is being highly appreciated for its stunning looks and awesome features to be included. The designer says that this concept iTablet is based on the basic iPhone and the home directory to be used for the iTablet will be stored in an Apple cloud server. This gadget will be provided with plenty of connecting options so that you can connect all your ultra cool and hi-fi gadgets to it without any hassle. It connects via a dock or direct connection is provided. It is also compatible with a real keyboard if you find the virtual keyboard hard to use.

6. Apple iTablet concept design by Isamu Sanada

Apple iTablet concept design by Isamu Sanada

One of the coolest iTablet concepts is designed by the designer Isamu Sanada. He has already designed other Apple products earlier and is now into the next generation iTablet model, which is what the world has been waiting for. This derives its looks from classic iPad and is equipped with some of the latest and best in class technology to make this concept-based iPad a dream gadget. The sources say that the company has accepted this design of the famous artist and is into transforming it into a real device. It would take a year to launch it officially. Let’s wait and see what Apple has in store for its entire fan following, with this dream concept called the iTablet.

7. Chris Messina Apple iPad Touch concept

Chris Messina Apple iPad Touch concept

This is the next generation model of the famous iPad which will completely change the world of tablets and dominate the market of tablets. This ultra-slim and sexy model is making big news in market for its ultra futuristic concept and super gorgeous design. This smashing design is designed by Chris Messina. This device will be ultra thin and lightweight making it extremely potable. The only drawback in this concept is that it will not be provided with a DVD/CD drive, instead plenty of connectivity options will be provided with ultimate support. It will support all your trendy gizmos and is also compatible with game consoles. This device is still a concept and all the Apple fans are desperately waiting for this concept to get into manufacturing.

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