Eight anti-theft gadgets to protect your belongings

Domestic Alarm System

Due to the advancement in technology, lot of fraudulent guys are using it and stealing our belongings easily and without our knowledge. Many companies are offering inbuilt safety mechanism, but not all. So we have to go for anti-theft gadgets to safeguard our possessions. Let us see some of the essential anti theft gadgets for everyone.

1. Anti-theft fake mold lunch bag

Anti-Theft Fake Mold Lunch Bag

This is a smart way to fool your co-workers and friends in a work place and school, respectively. It is the easiest and cheapest way. If your sandwiches are stolen by your colleagues in common refrigerator or in your lunch bag, you can use this idea. This bag consists of a plastic cover to keep your sandwich, just like a ordinary bag. Since the cover is coated with a color, it looks like sandwiches with flora, so no one will put a hand on this pack. So your sandwich is always safe.

2. Anti-theft luggage CSM products

Anti theft luggage csm products

Every day hundreds of bags are lost by travelers during flight travel. So this gadget is very handy for flight travelers. By this system, the traveler can have contact with the bag always and everywhere so we can know if the bag is lost or stolen. Now this company is making the bags for business class people.

3. Anti-theft MacBook sleeves

Anti-Theft Macbook Sleeves

Since MacBook is very slim, the chances for stealing is more. So definitely we need a gadget to safeguard it. This sleeve will look like a newspaper and it will camouflage the thieves. This sleeve is made from fabric with a zip and it comes in five different newspaper designs. This sleeve is strong enough to hold a laptop.

4. Hidden wall safe

Hidden Wall Safe

This Wall safe is very useful to keep our jewels and small size valuable items safe. It looks like an ordinary socket and functions as a socket, so burglars won’t check this for jewels. This is hard and easy to fix and remove, so it is a good anti-theft system at a very cheap prize. Sockets are coming in various sizes also.

5. Anti-theft bike wheel

Anti-Theft Bike Wheel

This is one of the most innovative ideas to keep the bike thieves away. This wheel will break the inner rim and makes it useless, so thieves won’t put their hands on this wheel. Only with the key we can rearrange the rim to its exact position and we can use it. Rims are made from hard material, so even if we collapse the rim many times, it won’t break the wheel or the system. Only thing is we have to keep that key safely.

6. Anti-theft coffee cup

Anti-Theft Coffee Cup

Few Coffee cup stealers are out on road, so to safeguard it we need this anti-theft idea. This cup has a traditional design, but it comes with a hole. So if anyone wants to use it they need a key to fill that hole. If the hole is not filled, then that means coffee will be on our hand or shirt. Even with this idea some may stole, but they can’t sell it and they can’t use also as it will look awkward.

7. Tesla car burglar alarm

Tesla Car Burglar Alarm

Tesla coils are used to safe guard the car. Many car thieves will steal the audio system or any other parts or whole car itself. So this alarm is the most efficient way to protect our car. After parking the car in our home, we have to place this alarm at the top of the car. The alarm consists of a coil and a rod connected at the center towards outside. Once we switch on the coil, electrifying sparks will encircle the car and looks more dangerous. Definitely no thief will go near the car to steal, they will have a fear of being electrocuted.

8. Domestic alarm system

Domestic Alarm System

Domestic alarm system is used in households to protect from thieves. These systems will have a password to open and lock the door and infrared sensors to sense any movement. It will have an alarm, if anything goes wrong then it will ring and also informs the owners. Many companies are manufacturing and fixing these systems. Some system also comes with a camera.

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