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Antenna that enhances mobile broadband reach in crowded urban cities

Mobile broadband services have their own set of challenges and one of them is to provide efficient services in urban spaces that will get heavily populated in the future. To overcome this challenge, a new antenna design has been created by a team of Danish designers. This eco friendly and hassle free plan saves on time as well as money. Let’s see how the team comprising Troels Rask Pedersen, Anne-Sofie Voss and Anders Backe will make the antenna network of the future more feasible.

Mobile Antennas

The solution proposed is simple and viable. Instead of one large antenna, several small ones will be fitted. Moreover, finding a place to fit these small antennae will not be a problem as the designers have come up with an innovative plan. They will be cleverly fitted into the street lamps fixed around an area. On the outside, the street lamps will look just like regular lamps as the antenna configuration will be laid just underneath their outer shell. Other organizations needed for the functioning of the antenna will be outfitted inside the body of the lamp.

The perks associated with this plan don’t end here. The Mobile antenna will be fitted into the LED lights installed in any area. The energy saving LEDs make this plan environment friendly. Additionally, the expenditure involved will also be reduced as the cost of transmission and rent will shrink greatly. The time required to install lamps will also come down thus speeding the delivery time to customers. This will mainly happen because no building permits will be needed to set up the lamp. The designers have also added an aesthetic bent to the plan as every neighborhood will have lamps in different colors.

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