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Annex is the new age tripod stand for the iPhone

How one wishes, there was a fancy, yet sturdy iPhone stand for everyone to use according to their convenience? Well, those prayers are certainly answered now, all thanks to Annex iPhone tripod mount and stand. The usual tripod stands available in the market are not exactly user or phone friendly and often fall short when it comes to providing a firm grip. This is certainly not the case with Annex.

Annex Tripod

Where other tripod stands fall short, Annex emerges as the clear winner. The stand has been finished with a frenzy of sandblasted surfaces and has clear cut edges, awarding it a firm grip. Furthermore, it has suction caps on the front, allowing it to double its firm grip on the phone.

How it scores over other tripod stands is quite simple. The usual stands available in the market often become inadequate as they can’t hold phones with protective screen covers, shiny cases etc. This is where the true worth of Annex comes in. The suction caps hold the iPhone so securely, you can be assured you will get a picture which will speak a thousand words of its own accord.

The outstanding feature of the stand is the flexibility it provides to the user. Use it any shape, size and form and one would never to have to look back at any other space consuming tripod stands. The stand is ideal for traveling and clicking pictures in unsteady areas. It’s definitely worth every penny spent.


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