Anemos Gas Concept reinvents the nebulizer for weak lunged patients

The Anemos Gas concept from designer Danilo De Roberto is developed to meet the requirements of patients suffering from asthma and was made keeping in mind the guidelines for nebulizers in the pharmaceutical industry. Careful study and a series of research notes formed the basis for the design of this device which was created in collaboration with specialists. The basic aim of the Anemos Gas concept is to make the use of oral sprays easier and more effective for patients.


Offering the possibility of charging, the Anemos concept responds to a demand for greater ergonomics. Affordable in economic terms, the device is easy to use, comfortable and secure. Designed to be multipurpose, the device offers the possibility to select the quantity and type of drug used and thus could be used in the treatment of asthmatic complaints and could also be adapted to various types of therapies.

For inhalation therapy, the device offers two obvious advantages over other nebulizers. Firstly, it offers the possibility of charging which reduces the need to use batteries and secondly, the Anemos system uses compressed air in place of gas which enhances the ease of use. By breathing inside the nozzle the drug is operated automatically and enters the lungs more deeply which makes it effective even for patients with weak ventilation capabilities.

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