Andrea air purifier uses indoor plants for air purification


Natural plants are perhaps the best and most effective air purifier which not only provides fresh air to breath healthy but also beautifies the surroundings. Harnessing the natural process of air purification, Harvard designers Mathieu Lehanneur and David Edwards has come up with an innovative air purifier that makes use of indoor plants to filter air. Dubbed “Andrea,” the eco-friendly air purifier absorbs toxic gases to filter them through the leaves and roots of the plant within and puffs out fresh air. Moreover, you don’t need expensive or hybrid plants for this, because plants as universal as Spathiphyllum (peace lily), Dracaena marginata (red-edged dragon tree), Chlorophytum comosum (spider plant) and Aloe vera are ideal for air purification. The natural air purifier will be available by this autumn for $199.

andrea 01
andrea 02
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Via: Andreaair/Digsdigs

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