An Automobile That Chooses to be Athletic

h type athlete car bJIWm 59
The picture above will not look like an automobile to you for the simple reason that it didn’t look like one to me when I first saw it. But then, when I read that it is a dual-cockpit design for a commuter they call the H-Type Athlete Car, I had to buy the fact. As a design, this car chooses to be different on all counts. It refers to the normal affixations of a car such as engines, power trains, dashboards etc as useless junk, so you can comprehend the era to which it belongs. It talks of technologies that are based on miniaturized electronics; also, facets like digital communications and advanced control software find a place in it. The aim in bringing about this vehicle design is pretty evident, as it wishes to restructure the mash up of a commuter.

athletic05 xjAvW 58
athletic car 5 Jca32 58

[Source: Terreform]

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