An attractive chandelier made of used beer bottles

beer bottle chandelier
Did you have any better idea of using your used beer bottles than this? It is quite amazing and unique idea to use your beer bottles to make a chandelier. The design is completely different, is two tiered and includes 52 beer bottles for the chandelier. The design is customizable and you can make changes according to your wish. There are eight bulbs used in two levels for the lighting purpose. The beer bottles are not included and you can send your own used beer bottles and now you don’t need to destroy them.

Whatever is the use but this is for sure that these designs are going to ease quite a bit of dump wastage on this earth. A better reason to recycle the beer bottles even if the design is not very creative or decorative for some people. The design can be altered if you desire but the main purpose of reusing the beer bottles in an artistic way can be termed as an environment friendly act. More such items can be designed and thought over so that the best out of waste is made and reused. A positive aspect for beer drinkers and if they justify it, can you deny?

Via: ecofriend

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