An apple a day calendar keeps you fit and updated

apple a day calendar 01

Designed for health insurance provider AOK, “an apple a day” by Munich-based ad agency Serviceplan is an innovative calendar that not only keeps you updated but also fit by providing an apple throughout the month. The calendar features a specific tube made out of UVA- and UVB-resistant Plexiglas, which is filled with apples according to the number of days in the month, e.g. it requires 31 apples for the month of January, 28 for February and 30 for April. With each passing day, you need to eat an apple to reveal the correct date and keep up the pace with the month. You will have to refill the tube with apples at the end of the month, until you find a better alternative or run short of apples.

apple a day calendar 02

Via: Ibelieveinadv/Neatorama/ Gizmodo

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