Amsterdam Iconic Pedestrian Bridge resembles a mechanized sculpture

The proposal for Amsterdam Iconic Pedestrian Bridge bridge, occupying a space of 200 square meters, looks like a mechanized sculpture extending over a streaming river. It looks like several cables were pulled together to build the bridge. The cables coil into a spiral shape at one end to form the hub that serves as a sheltered nook for anyone passing by. Although this design did not emerge a winner at the Amsterdam Iconic Pedestrian Bridge competition, its unique draft is definitely worthy of praise.

Amsterdam Iconic Pedestrian Bridge

The bridge actually consists of two paths that run parallel. One road is for pedestrians while the other one is for cyclists. The point at which both these roads meet is the functional hub. People are usually required to slow down their speed when they approach this hub. While, speedier motion is allowed on the pathway of the bridge.

The unique shape of the bridge is not just good to look at but also enhances its structural performance. Its unusual layout along with the spiral design elements is what allows the bridge to be stationed over a river. In the spiral structure, the twisting bands actually interlock with each other, this is what gives the bridge tremendous strength.

Furthermore, the robust and cutting edge form runs on clean and green energy. Power is supplied by solar and wind installments. So, the extraordinary design also helps out with environmental pollution and global warming. This eco conscious attribute gives the functional, tough and aesthetic design additional brownie points. The atypical layout has been conceived by Yaohua Wang Architecture.

Via: Bustler

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