Amphibious bicycle for a fantasy ride

amphibious bicycle 5965

Many times in your dreams you might have started out on a ride on your bicycle from your home, rode down the way into the nearby lake, crossed the lake on your bicycle and then ridden up into the sky. You must have really longed for such an experience in real life. So, here is the chance for you to realize at least the initial part of your dream with the Amphibious bicycle invented by Bin Yu and Jian Wang. This innovative masterpiece won itself a place amongst the bike designs that qualified for the final round of the 12th International Bicycle Design Competition. The Yu and Wang’s bicycle also, like the amphibians, can adjust itself to take you on a ride on both land and water. There are special wheels that can be inflated with air that keep the bicycle afloat while you ride on water.

Via: Gizmag

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