Ampel-Pong: A game of ball for all on the road

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Simply standing at a traffic crossing, waiting for the signal to turn green can get very boring. However, waiting cannot be always considered as an isolated activity and that time can certainly be utilized for some other activity. Don’t know how everyone may consider passing their time when the light glows red, but Mireia Subirana has come up with a playful concept for the same. Dubbed Ampel-Pong, it is an interactive street installation that allows the people waiting by the traffic light post to indulge in a game of ping-pong. You have to watch the video to understand how interesting and engaging this kind of game can be. I am sure it will tempt users to skip a few green lights to win the match point against the opponent. Such a nifty concept also plays an important role in helping strangers break the ice, in the other wise cold social scenario.

Design Status:
Ampel-Pong is a concept that had shaped up as a prototype for the UDK winter semester exhibition.

Based on the famous Atari Ping-Pong game, this ping-pong-on-the-road set up needs an infrared camera and a light source other then the computer and the software. A projector and a mirror will keep the ball rolling. Kicking off during the red light period only, users on both the side of the road are granted with their virtual bat that is powered by their steps. The ball keeps crossing the road and is even bounced back by the zooming vehicles on the road. In about a minute or two, people can team up together on each side to indulge in a tough competition.

I am waiting for such playful concepts to materialize in my corner of the world too.

Via: Designzen

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