American Red Cross Thermometers for easy temperature reading

Checking someone’s temperature had long been an exact science when mercury-based thermometers were in vogue. The digital thermometer has made it very easy for even the most untrained of medical practitioners to get an accurate reading of someone’s body temperature. However, it is much more difficult to ensure that the thermometer has extracting the correct reading when the patients in question are extremely young children, people with upper limb disabilities or someone who is unconscious and cannot grip the thermometer with their lips. For such patients, Jefftung Design has created the American Red Cross Thermometers line up that is intended to be used by the America Red Cross operations across the globe.

Red Cross Thermometer

The American Red Cross Thermometers are offered in two different usage kinds- an oral slide thermometer and a forehead thermometer for reading the temperature through the traditional backhand-to-the-forehead gesture. The oral slide thermometer is for people who are conscious and can grip the thermometer in their mouths while the forehead thermometer is created for people that do not have the ability to do so at a given moment.

Both the oral slide and the forehead thermometers come with a baby icon at the back that indicate that these thermometers are oral and external use-only devices and should not be used in rectal probes.

Source: Jefftung Design

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