Ambient Bus Arrival Monitor displays live bus arrival time

Traveling by bus is a very common way to move around the city and millions of people take a ride on this means of transportation every single day. But, even after having traveled for years at a stretch one doesn’t really know when the bus will exactly arrive. There is not even a single person who loves to wait for the bus. Ending all such woes will be the Ambient Bus Arrival Monitor, which will put on show live bus arrival times.

Ambient bus

The design has been created using hacked Linksys WRT54GL and has fetched some inspiration from the Countdown service that has won praises in London. The Ambient Bus Arrival Monitor will be fitted on sides of a bus and will be a digital display. This will make it for people to see the arrival time of at least two buses, which will help them reach the bus stop on time. This will save time as passengers won’t have to wait for long just to board the bus because of the exact calculation of the arrival time.

The crisp display is easy to read and will be visible from a distance. The LED displays will show through the side windows and will not keep people guessing especially when it comes to boarding a bus. So, find buses on busy streets the easy way and never waste a single minute while waiting for your ride to arrive with live arrival times by the Ambient Bus Arrival Monitor.

Via: Jgc

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