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Amazing Steampunk cases for your iGadgets

Steampunk as a genre has given us retro-quasi-Victorian avatars of many a modern gadget. However, there are some gadgets that works just fine on their own without getting knobs and dials included in their rather simple user interfaces. But for some steampunk lovers, the brassy addiction is just too strong to resist and for the folks who need to show off their enthusiasm for steampunk to the whole wide world, there is a whole range of steampunk cases for their beloved Apple gadgets that offer them the best of both worlds.

Steampunk case for iPhone 4 and 4S by Paul Marsh

Hollywood modeler and prop creator Paul Marsh has been a well-known name in the industry and the artist has now created a steampunk case for the iPhone and the iPhone 4S. Completely handmade, the case features impeccable Victorian era imagery with a platinum silicone molding on the base. The case is covered with metal powders tainted in resin on the UV stable Polyurethane covering.

Steampunk iPhone 4 Case

This iPhone 4 case isn’t steampunk per se though it certainly is steampunk inspired. The case features a steampunk-like image which is printed over a durable plastic case which is protected with a crystal clear enamel layer to keep it from wear.

Steampunk wooden iPhone Case

The good thing about steampunk is that though it mostly comprises of over the top designs and embellishments, it still offers room for minimalist designs to be produced and enjoyed. Take this particular Steampunk iPhone Case for example. Handmade from brass and real Walnut Hardwood, the case features a sanded and polished .065 thick solid brass faceplate and is finished with polyurethane. Handmade solid brass Mute-Tool, volume buttons and power button to give an authentic steampunk operation as well.

iPhone case Steampunk gears and mechanical bug

The perfect phone accessory, this lightweight case by Case Sera Sera comes with ample openings for the camera lens and all the buttons and fits most iPhone 4 and 4S models. This custom made snap-on case features a molded plastic case with a thin aluminum insert on the back featuring a permanently printed image sourced from the artist’s own graphic design work and photography. The unique iPhone case with Steampunk gears and mechanical bugs protect your iPhone while making it a true fashion accessory.

Sublime iCog steampunk case for iPhone 4

iCog is nothing short of unique and charming. It’s a Steampunk Case for Apple iPhone 4, including GSM and CMDA variants. Obviously made for those who like a lot of class and elegance, this case will is fit even for royalty! It is handcrafted from scratch and made using the finest wood, including Aspen, Poplar and Pine. It has a gorgeous English Walnut finish with Cranberry-Apple felt to cushion the phone. The brass and copper plated decorations increase its antique look and aesthetic appeal. The phone sits very securely in it. This case is heads above any of the generic ones available out there. It’s a little bulky, but that is a small price to pay for such elegance. It’s selling here for $70. Your modern device will look great in this antique like case!

Steampunk iPhone 4 Case by C Westbrook Designs

Made by The Netherlands-based Shapeways and designed by San Francisco-based C Westbrook Designs, this steampunk style iPhone 4 case shows how steampunk based phone cases don’t necessarily need to be clunky and heavy. With hollowed out gears in incredible steampunk style, this unique iPhone 4 case was fashioned out of 3D printed nylon that was laser sintered to give it the delicate look. Thanks to a bunch of reserved cutouts, the case allows users full access to all iPhone 4 ports and buttons. The unique case also break away from steampunk traditions in allows users to choose between funky colors like denim blue, forest green, royal violet, rusty red, fiery red, rose pink, snowy white and charcoal black.

Steampunk Inspired Skeleton Hard Case Cover

Marrying Gothic themes with the Victorian silhouettes of the steampunk genre, Shenzhen, China-based Etsy designer L.D. Jenny has come up with what we can only dub the most outrageous steampunk creations we have seen so far. As timeless and classic as steampunking looks, it can often be a bit exclusive and does not provide too much room for Goths and vampire lovers to express their creativity to the fullest. This Steampunk Apple iPhone 4 Case is perfect for Twi-hards with its distinct skull, chains and gear motifs being fashioned out of nickel and lead free alloy and plastic materials. The case may not be the most authentic example of steampunk art ever but it certainly is among the most creative ones for sure.

Steampunk iPad Case by Diarment Creations

The good thing about an art form like steampunk is that it doesn’t need to be limited to just gadgets, gizmos and their cases and can be applied to designing almost anything. Take these unique notebooks for example. Created by the good steampunkers over at Diarment Creations, these funky notebooks boast of some very serious steampunk covers which prevent the ends of page leaves from rolling inwards and if you just put a hinge and lock on it, can even ensure that your notes, journal or meth recipes cannot be stolen. The same design is used to fashion an iPad case though frankly, we like the good old fashioned pen and paper note jotter much better in this new avatar.

Steampunk bat Iphone 4 case

Not all steampunk gadgets need to be covered in brass and wood and old world inspired carvings to make them fit in with the genre. Instead of trying to fit in with the established idea of what steampunk art should be like, Etsy seller Melinda used the graphic wizardry of artist Graphic Divine who used an old London map with the images of bats and clocks to create a beautiful collage that was used at the back of a steampunk iPhone cover. Made in hard plastic, the cover snaps onto the front of an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S though it will not fit any other models of the phone. The cover features suitable openings for the camera lens and interface buttons and the designer assures us that the waterproof and permanent image will not wear off even after the most rigorous use.

Steampunk iPod Case by Brass Eyes

Most modern steampunk gadgets go overboard on brass and which is why this stunning steampunk iPod case by avid steampunker and Instructables user Brass Eyes is really a class apart. The beautiful iPod customization marries the best of modern technology with amazing Victorian inspired detail. The use of fine, timeless looking wood and the perfect amount of bras detailing make this case a sturdy and fun alternative to the plastic case your original iPod may have come in.

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