Amazing glass speakers are a wonder to watch and own

greensound technology glass speakers1
We’ve only heard that loud sound shatters glass, so how about speakers made entirely out of glass? The first of its kind Greensound glass speakers are an absolute wonder to watch and own. The highly unusual Serac towering speakers inspired by an ice glacier produce 360-degree audio from a flat glass tower. The glass towers are sturdy enough to withstand 25 watts of power and offer 300Hz-15 kHz frequency range. The speakers are available in a variety of configurations including even a glass-encased subwoofer.

greensound technology floe glass speakers2
Designed aptly for contemporary interiors, the speakers supplement aesthetics without creating any visual obstruction. The glass speakers offer a variety of lighting options, thereby providing colorful illumination through the glass pane.

greensound glass speakers room3

Via: Technabob

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