Altigen eFusion Professional iPhone 3Gs Smartstation smartens up the workplace

The advent of the iPhone has been a real boon for most tech savvy professionals around the world who embraced the little miracle as a business power tool. But most office secretaries and assistants still have to make do with drab multiple line office phones that look like they leapt right out of a stereotypical ‘80s sitcom about working women! To counter this lack iPhone-readiness in the workplace, designer Jules Parmentier has come up with a stunning new professional iPhone 3Gs Smartstation called the Altigen eFusion.

Altigen eFusion

An all-in-one professional communication network provider, the Altigen allows companies to replace their fixed phone network with a high-tech solution that comes complete with iPhone integration option to allow users to set up a professional-level communication network that is compatible with mobile phones of the new generation. To enable smartphones to become office extensions, Altigen developed an app that can connect to a company PBX communication server and allow professionals to stay connected to their office even on the go.

The eFusion Smartstation allows user to dock their compact and slim iPhones into a traditional looking multi-line phone and use them as an office desk phones that is perfect for long conversations and conference calls. The users can thus use the mobile phone when they are on the move, and still get all the functionality of a bigger desktop phone when they are at their desks. With high sound quality speaker for conference calls, the Altigen eFusion gives users the access to a full-duplex microphone with an EMR free ergonomic handset that is perfect for long conversations.

The Altigen eFusion also allows users to have access to their iPhone’s phonebook on their desk phone and also allows them to play their iTunes playlists via the desk phone as well. The Altigen eFusion can also charge their iPhone and users can sync it to the desk phone with a single button.

Via: Behance

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