Alternative fuel engine race car runs on rimless wheels

race car 02

If you believe that race cars are all about power and speed, you should definitely have a look at the latest race car, though concept, to rethink your perception of the sports cars. Inspired by the hot rod design, designer Buldur Liviu has come up with a racing car concept that seems to scorch the track with its stunning, curvy body. Generating power from an alternative fuel based engine, the new race car by the Romanian designer features an aerodynamic body to beat the heat and promise an unparalleled performance. While the rimless wheels removing all the clutter equally complements the body, ensuring elegance and the X factor for the gen-next race car enthusiasts.

race car 01
race car 03
race car 04
race car 05
race car 06
race car 07
race car 08

[Cheers Buldur]

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